1. a) What is the recommended daily ratio of Mare's milk?
  • The smallest dose of the milk with visible results after a month is 250 ml.

2. b) How do we treat deeply frozen milk?
  • Deep frozen milk can be used within 9 months. Before consumption the milk should be stored around 12 hours at room or lower temperature for defrosting of the milk. Too speedy a defrosting will cause flocking of the part of proteins and would change the taste of the milk. However the milk will remain drinkable and will maintain the major part of its properties.

3. c) I do not like the taste of the milk, can I improve it somehow?
  • Yes. You can add any flavour you like: chocolate, coconut, honey, fruits, juice. It is very important not to overheat or even boil the milk. You can also make ice cream.